September: The Perfect Time to Prepare for Halloween

You ever have those days when no matter what you do, you still feel unaccomplished, dirty, and tired? Today is like that for me. It’s only noon and I already want this day to be over. I’ve cleaned, I’ve gone to the store, I’ve done some work on my computer, but I just feel greasy and bored.

The humidity doesn’t help, and neither does the fact that I am supposed to be trying to get a job right now. But it’s so damn hard when my brain keeps freaking out at the thought of going to a store and dropping off a resume. I can do it online, sure, no problem, but leave the safety of my apartment to go speak to people about my future employment?… No thank-you. Unless it’s a sure thing, my mind keeps bringing up everything that could go wrong, and I just can’t bring myself to do it. Instead, all I want to do is decorate for Halloween. That’s right, Halloween! It’s September 8th and all I can think about is Halloween decorations.

Anyway, my thoughts are jumbled and this post is pretty pointless.. So I’m going to try to give it a point and talk about my planned Halloween decorations. Yay!!

So, for the outside of our front door I plan on buying a wooden cutout of a pumpkin or cat from Dollarama and painting it and hanging it on a wreath hanger, OR, take about four wooden squares, paint different faces on them, and hang them up. I got the idea from Pinterest, the link to the site no longer works, but I will post the picture below, it originally came from, and you can find the pin on my Halloween board on Pinterest.

Halloween door hanger- could probably do this with any holiday.  So simple and cute:

Anyway, I’d love to do this for our front door.

My next idea is to get some fall flowers (sunflowers, orange flowers, I really know nothing about flowers, I just want a pretty bouquet) to put in the two vases I have, and perhaps take a real or fake pumpkin and turn it into a flower pot. I would also like to get some window clings from Dollarama, and a cute wooden Halloween sign on a stake to stick on our little lawn by our door.

Hanging from our windows I want to get some string lights and hang them up, and make little scary creatures to hang from the lights. I was thinking making construction paper bats, styrofoam ball spiders, paper towel ghosts, and styrofoam ball pumpkins. I could also use this scary creatures to hang from a chandelier in the kitchen, like the one I found at this wonderful blog,

Spooky Bat Chandelier 

 Styrofoam ball spider, found at

For Christmas, Lucas had gotten me a few packs of popsicle sticks to use for my crafting, and I finally decided on the first craft to make with them! A super spooky, super cute haunted house! I found the idea here, at, and I fell in love immediately!!

I am very excited about all my plans for decorating, as I love the holidays and decorating and crafting. My father grew some pumpkins in his garden this year, and as they are quite small, they would be a perfect fit for my windowsill! I plan on using this idea from Michael’s, (the link to which I also cannot find, but again, it is on Pinterest) and drill small holes to make the constellations, whereas this one has the stars simply painted on.

Create an unusual DIY pumpkin that is out of this world, adding paint and constellations:

If none of this is enough, I can of course make my own window clings using puffy paint,


make construction paper bats fly on my walls,

and stick more flowers everywhere!

Floral Design by, Tina Rainville. Halloween, flower-style!:

I am excited, but first, I need a job… Hahaha, *nervous laughter*

Bye for Now,



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